David Brian Stone, Sr. is a member of the Hutaree.

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Five members of a Midwest militia charged with conspiring to rebel against the government and use weapons of mass destruction will remain in jail while awaiting trial, an appeals court said Tuesday, reversing a decision by a federal judge.

“There’s hardly anything,” Lenawee County Sheriff Jack Welsh said of his search of department records related to?Stone. There were some calls about domestic issues years ago and requests by Stone to check suspicious vehicles in his neighborhood, Welsh said. There is nothing in the records that hints at or helps explain the hatred Stone apparently felt toward police. Welsh said the sheriff’s department has cordial relations with well-known militia groups in the county. Stone’s “Hutaree” militia group is one that Welsh and almost everyone else in the county had not heard of before federal agents scooped them up.

Nothing in Lenawee County Circuit Court records indicates Hutaree leader David Brian Stone engaged in criminal activity in the county in the past. Stone, 45, and eight other members of the Christian-oriented militia group have been charged in a federal indictment that accuses them of conspiring to “levy war against the United States.”

David Brian Stone, 45, of Clayton, is accused of leading the group and bringing his wife and at least two sons into Hutaree - described by federal authorities as an anti-government extremist organization. Militia members say Stone - known as "Captain Hutaree" - is also the group's pastor. Charged along with him are David Brian Stone Jr., Joshua Matthew Stone, Tina Mae Stone and five others.

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