Delhi is a historical settlement on the Huron River about 6 miles upstream from Ann Arbor. Delhi was once a thriving mill town with a railroad station, but it never really recovered after a destructive tornado in June 1917. Delhi is now the site of the Delhi Metropark and a good place to see the river. This is also the location of the historical East Delhi Road Bridge across the Huron River.

Delhi Mills was originally platted as "Michigan Village" by Jacob Doremus in 1836. In 1846, he tried to change the name of the town to Doremusville, a move that Delhi historian Nick Marsh theorizes may have been to honor his wife, Esther, who died that year. But the other residents objected and decided to rename it Delhi after the dells and hills in the area.

In 1847, Doremus died and the mantle of town leader was passed to his younger partner, Norman C. Goodale. Goodale built a new flour mill on the south side of the river, which he called simply the Delhi Mill. The new mill, four stories high, could be seen for miles around. The Scio post office was transferred here in 1871 and operated until 1903.


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