Depot Town Radio was a microradio station in Ypsilanti in the Depot Town area on 89.5 FM. It played motown, also some country music on weekends and broadcasted in the daytime and early evening. Seems to be associated with the former WSDS radio station; featured shows "Coffee with Kitty" and "The Johnny Danger Show" were both WSDS shows.

Depot Town Radio was shut down by the FCC in April 2006.


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First, I wish to thank all of the nice folks who have been very supportive of our attempt to bring community radio to the Depot Town and Ypsilanti areas. I even thank the mean-spirited souls who reported our illegal operation to the Federal Communications Commission during 89.1 FM WEMU's pledge week, as we would've never enjoyed so much media exposure if not for their special "help."

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