DexMil, or Dexter-Miller Community Co-op, is a non-profit neighborhood services co-operative in northwest Ann Arbor. The group, launched in February 2008, includes 30+ households in the area bounded by Miller Road, Dexter Road, Maple Road, and Seventh Street. Each household lists tools, skills, or services they're willing to share in a neighborhood directory; the flow of services between households is tracked by a neighborhood currency called "DexMils", literally traded in bills worth 15 minutes of work per DexMil. The group also facilitates group buying or sharing of services, such as contracting sidewalk repairs.

The group was founded by Al Feldt, a Professor Emeritus from TCAUP. Feldt wanted a tool for building sense of community and enhancing quality of life within the neighborhood. Feldt envisions the group eventually becoming large enough to divide into smaller, more geographically concentrated clusters, which could continue to grow.

As of February 2009, the group has grown slightly to about 38 households and has expanded its limits to any area west of Main Street and North of Huron-Jackson. Now exploring the creation of a wireless network based on Wireless Ypsilanti to supplement group services. The group's website is , and it also has an interest group section on Facebook.