Homepage (no longer functional): http://www.dexmil.com/

The Dexter-Miller Co-op is essentially defunct. It was a Co-op which used a hyper-local currency to encourage item lending and labor sharing between dexter-miller residents. It covered the area bounded by Huron, Dexter, Maple, Miller and 7th. 

The Dexter-Miller Co-op has been replaced with Nextdoor: Dexter MIller. Nextdoor is a website which creates a invitation only social network limited to residents of a specific geographic area. As of October 2012, the Nextdoor: Dexter Miller network has 82 members.

The creation of both the Dexter-Miller Co-op and the Nextdoor website was largely dependent on the efforts of Alan Feldt.

Examples of "DexMils" – a currency used by the Dexter-Miller Co-Op. Colored paper, 4.5 x 2.5 inches, embossed with the Dexter-Miller Community Cooperative logo.

Back side of the DexMils, to be used for record keeping.

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