Dimo's sign; photo from ColleenM.

Dimo's Deli & Donuts (2030 W Stadium, Ann Arbor MI 48103; (734) 662-7944; across from the Post Office) still uses the classic Amy Joy recipes for donuts from the late 1960s, and are consistently a favorite once tried.

Check out their paczki too.

Dimo's is also a popular place for tailgaters to pick up a breakfast or lunch before they hit the University of Michigan Golf Course. You are sure to see a lot of maize and blue on a game day, and get some gentle insults if you wear the opposing team's colors.


Dimo's has a unique ambiance or should I say, lack of ambiance? The restaurant feels a little like eating in a laundro-mat. Unpretentious, sterile, and all about the food! The tables and chairs are nothing special, but the reason why you're there is not for the icing on the cake, but you're there for the satisfying experience of one of the sandwiches. The gentleman behind the counter who I can only assume is Dimo is exactly the kind of guy you want to order a sandwich from. A large man in stature, rather intimidating, loud and proud.

The space is larger, the furniture and decor simpler, but it is easily filled in with the familiar, jovial interactions facilitated by the guys who run it. For example, as I searched in my purse for the $2.40 I needed for my small coffee and (delicious) custard doughnut, the man serving me said "Dig deep sister, I know women have all kinds of stuff at the bottom of their purse - you could put a down payment on a car."