The Dog License Ordinance is section 9:46 of Chapter 107 (Animals) of the Ann Arbor City Code. This text is current as of the ordinance revision of May 16, 2005. The ordinance is on the agenda for the meeting of September 15, 2014.

9:46. - Dog licenses. 

(1) The City Clerk shall issue dog licenses and tags to City residents who:

(a) Make application for such licenses on forms provided by the Clerk;

(b) Pay the City a license fee of $14.00 for 2 years effective July 1, 2005 and thereafter as established by resolution of City Council; and 

(c) Present valid certification of rabies vaccination of the dog to be licensed.

(2) All dog licenses shall expire on June 30 of the second year following issuance of the license.

(3) The City Clerk is authorized to establish procedures for issuing licenses through a humane society, veterinarians and by mail and for issuing licenses tags containing the name and address of the dog owner. 

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