Dogs are on the streets of Ann Arbor. Discuss.

No dogs allowed

  • The Borders downtown store no longer allows dogs in the store, except for service animals; no wonder they went out of business. [1]
  • Ann Arbor Biscuit Company on Fourth Ave is closed.

Dogs allowed

  • The City of Ann Arbor's Buhr Park Pool has an annual dog swim after Labor Day, just before the pool is cleaned out for the year.

Dog licenses

Dog bites dog

Amber Calo said she’ll move “Gringa,” a 2-year old female pit bull, to a friend’s home in Ann Arbor after Calo’s scheduled appearance in court next week. She was cited by Saline police on June 22 for having a vicious dog after it mauled a 7-year-old beagle that was on a walk with its owner in the 100 block of Burwyck Park Drive at about 7:15 p.m., reports show.