Completed East Delhi Road BridgeView of the bridge location during construction

The East Delhi Road Bridge over the Huron River is located just to the south of Huron River Drive in Scio Township. It is a main access path to Delhi Metropark. The East Delhi bridge crosses the Huron at the one-time settlement of Delhi, about 6 miles upstream from Ann Arbor.

The original truss bridge at this location was built for horse and buggy traffic in the late 1800s. The current structure is a one-lane, truss bridge (reconstructed circa 1969) that has held a weight restriction of 3 tons from 1995, until its eventual closure in June 2005. It has a wooden deck, an overall width of 17.4 feet, and is 111.9 feet in length. The bridge reopened to traffic after rebuilding in August 2009.

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