East Quad in August 2013 (CC-BY-SA-3.0 Michael Barera)

701 E. University Ave. Home to the Residential College and student dorms. In 2006, WISE, UIR, and RC students are living in the building.

Social science, drama, art, and intensive language courses are taught on the first floor and basement of East Quad.

There lots of good vegetarian and vegan food -- no longer. Scuttlebutt has it that those WISE-alecks complained about the lack of meat.

East Quad was closed during the 2012-2013 school year for renovations, Residential college students lived in West Quad. It is expected to reopen for the fall of 2013. 


  • The Halfass serves fried food.
  • The laundry machines are down here. They use quarters or Entree Plus
    • Wash takes about 40 minutes
    • Drying says it takes 60 minutes, but your clothes are dry in 40. Take them out and save yourself some time.
  • RESCOMP is in the basement. Arguably the most productive and social spot in East Quad, espcially around midterms

First Floor

  • North and South dining halls
    • Friendly Chef Buzz presides. He really is friendly. (Cheff Matt has left)
    • Many vegan and vegetarian options
  • The front desk
  • The Carl Cohen reading room
    • You swipe your card to get in. There usually is a copy of the NY Times. There's a chessboard, too, and a chalkboard. It's usually quiet in here.
  • The Benzinger is the only student-run library in the U. It has DVDs that you can check out and a UM WiFi signal that magically stops right outside the walls.

Second Floor

  • Home of the Abeng Multi-Cultural Lounge.
  • Some class rooms on 2nd TyGre.
  • Home to Corey "Scratchpost" Taylor and Big Bart Reddington of the legendary 2nd prescott quad.
  • Temporary home to the stunning Cadillac duo: Josh "Plopps" Platko and Mike "The King" King.

Third Floor

  • Home of 3rd Tyler / Green. MattH lives here.
  • Home of awesome 3rd Hinsdale.
  • Lair of the infamous Jeghana

Fourth Floor

  • Fourth Tyler/Green is an awesome place. They have a TV in the lounge.
    • The 4th TG are cleaner and nicer than any others.

There is an "O" and an "H" side of the building.

  • "O" side includes Prescott, Hinsdale, Tyler, and Greene Houses
  • "H" side includes Anderson, Cooley, Hayden, and Strauss Houses
  • The "H" side is the newer part of the building

Nearby Food

  • Amer's on Church
  • Rendezvous on South University
  • Pizza: Backroom Pizza and In 'n Out offer cheese for $1.00, pepperoni for $1.50
  • Za's on East University. They have pizza, pasta, paninis, and other Italian "gourmet" food.
  • Pizza House on Church Street. Known for their deep dish pizza, but their thin crust is good as well.
  • Many others