If its fresh food you are looking for, the Detroit's Eastern Market's got it. For everything from luscious and colorful farm fresh fruits and vegetables, meat products (beef, pork, lamb, poultry, geese, ducks and rabbits) to herbs and spices, nuts, candies and a variety of condiments are all supplied by the retailers and wholesalers spread over a 43-acre area. This market has got everything you are looking for! They are open six days a week, Monday - Saturday (the area is closed on Sundays).

Today, or any given Saturday, some 45,000 Detroiters, suburbanites and out-of-staters can be found shopping elbow-to-elbow at farmers' stalls or area retail shops for products from as near as Michigan, Ohio and Canadian farms to as far a the European, Middle East, Asian and South American Farming Areas.


Directions: I-75 to Mack Avenue exit to Russell Avenue in Detroit.

See photos of the Eastern Market at RealTimeFarms.com.

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