Ann Arbor pharmaceutical research firm led by Roger Newton and David Scheer, purchased by Pfizer in 2003 for $1.3 billion.

Newton purchased back Esperion in May 2008 with funding from Aisling Capital, Alta Partners, Domain Associates and Ann Arbor-based Arboretum Ventures. The company went public again in 2013, trading on the NASDAQ as ESPR.

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Biotech firm Esperion Therapeutics has entered the second phase of the government's required three-stage regulatory process to test the effectiveness of its top drug candidate, the company announced today. The firm, led by Ann Arbor entrepreneur Roger Newton, the scientist who co-discovered "bad" cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor, said it had started its Phase 2 clinical study for a drug currently known as ETC-1002. The drug aims to help the body fight triglycerides and LDL cholesterol.

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