Fairview Cemetery is located off of Pontiac Trail on the north side of Ann Arbor.


The earliest graves are from the 1830s.


Charles Kellogg, (October 3, 1773-May 11, 1842).

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If it weren’t for the fact that everything apart from the trees and squirrels were dead, this could be considered living history. I’ve spotted stones as old as the 1830s, and some are so weathered and cracked that you can’t even read them anymore. There are markers of names that will sound familiar to any Ann Arbor resident. There’s a civil war memorial from the 1870s recognizing the young Ann Arbor men who fought for the Union. And in the far corner of the cemetery, there is a large black headstone sticking nearly 3 feet into the air, on one side the University of Michigan seal, and the other a large block M. Around this stone there are a few dozen stones, simply etched with dates, going as far back as 1915. Here the remains of nearly a century’s worth of people who donated their bodies to science at U-M huddle as a final reminder that even the living rely on the dead to keep going.


Fairview Cemetery in Lower Town.