It is possible to park free in downtown Ann Arbor at certain times of the day, week, and year. Here are some tips.

Free parking structures

Near the Ann Arbor Farmers Market

  • The Washtenaw County Courthouse and the county parking lot at N Fourth Ave and Catherine are free for the Saturday market.
  • There is a neighborhood parking district to the north of Beakes Street which has two hour parking on Wednesdays and free parking on Saturdays.
  • To the west of Main Street and north of Kingsley Street, there is two hour parking on Wednesdays and free parking on Saturdays.


Government offices

Loading zones

  • A number of loading zones in the city are enforced only until 6 pm, and after that they revert to free parking. Other loading zones change to taxi stands, despite the dwindling number of actual taxis in the city.

Metered city lots

  • All downtown parking meters are free after 6pm, and on Sundays and after noon on holidays. This includes both on-street meters and meters in parking lots, including
    • The lot next to Palio, which, on nice summer evenings, sees cars idling in wait for a space, even while the Fourth & Washington Parking Structure has space available.
    • The Farmer's Market lot, which tends to be fairly empty by 6pm.
    • Detroit St. across from Argiero's Italian Restauraunt
    • The lot behind Aut Bar at 4th and Catherine 

University lots

Park and ride


Several downtown Ypsilanti and Depot Town parking areas provide free two hour parking spaces; most on-street and lot parking is metered, however:

Art Fair

Ann Arbor's Art Fairs are notorious for their lack of free parking. Your best bet is to park for free at Briarwood Mall and take a shuttle in.