Volunteer-run bookshop in the basement of the Ann Arbor District Library's main branch. Cheapest books in town. From the website:

The bookshop is closed for the summer.

Bookshop hours are: Saturday 10am - 4pm Sunday 1pm - 4pm

There are many specially priced, beautiful books suitable for gift giving.

Prices for regular books are: Adult trade paperbacks and larger, as well as hardbacks = $2.00. Adult pocketbooks = .50. Children's hardbacks = .50. Children's paperbacks = .25.

In the news

The board approved a space use agreement between the AADL and the Friends of the AADL, a nonprofit that operates a used bookstore in the library to raise money for AADL. The board for the FAADL is expected to approve the one-year agreement at its meeting this Wednesday. It replaces a month-to-month agreement under which the Friends have been operating for more than two years. Margaret Leary, the board member who chairs a liaison committee to the Friends, said it’s a step in the right direction for solidifying relations between the two groups.

As the Ann Arbor District Library moves forward on its ambitious project to raze the downtown building and put up a new library on the Fifth & William site, a nonprofit that supports the AADL ponders its own future.