Formerly known as the Ann Arbor Skatepark Action Committee.

Pursued a Pepsi Refresh Grant of $250,000. Came in 14th out of 200.

A 501 c 3 organization dedicated to the building of a free, public, concrete skatepark in Ann Arbor. Founded by Dug Song. Board members include Kristie Brablec, Chris Cassell, Joe Galante, Greg Iddings, Nina Juergens, Diana Kern, Crystle Partington, Jim Reische, Trevor Staples, Eric Wheeler, and Scott Rosencrans.

The location of the skatepark will be the NW corner of Veterans Memorial Park. Fundraising began in January of 2009, in partnership with the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation

Washtenaw County Parks Commission has put forth $400,000 in matching funds toward funding the Ann Arbor Skatepark.