George H. Jewett II (1870-1908) was an American athlete who became the first African American football player at both the University of Michigan and Northwestern University, and in the Big Ten Conference. He played for the Michigan Wolverines as a fullback, halfback, and field goal kicker in 1890 and 1892 and was considered one of Michigan's greatest players in the pre-Fielding H. Yost era.

Jewett is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Ann Arbor.


Dr. Jewett returned to Ann Arbor in 1899, where he opened a highly successful cleaning and pressing shop, The Valet. He died very suddenly in 1908 at the age of thirty-eight, leaving his wife, Lillian, and two sons, George H. Jewett III (age 6) and Richard (8 days old). Richard became the father of Coleman Jewett, well known Ann Arbor athlete, educator and craftsman, and grandfather of Michael Jewett, a popular area radio personality.

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