The often referred to unofficial George V. Airey subdivision is bounded on the east by Ann Arbor (Pioneer) High School and on the south along Scio Church Road; the northern border is West Stadium Boulevard and the west end boundary is Maple Road. The elementary school is Dicken.

George Airey was a visionary with an excellent business acumen. He sensed Ann Arbor's explosive growth and the increasing demand for housing from the returning veterans of World War II. His cookie-cutter, economically-priced homes were usually three bedroom, one bath, with a kitchen-eating area and a living room, some with fire place. He also was known for using higher windows in the bedrooms and putting in very well done mudset tile bathrooms. A full basement with fire place was included and an offer of an optional one-car garage.

There were slight variances in floor plans and the back door and a stair well to the basement were not always positioned uniformly in each house. Most of the homes had red brick exteriors although yellow brick could be chosen by the future owner. The neighborhood streets were picturesque and at least three feet wider than most Ann Arbor residential settings. The street layout is somewhat mazelike in that there is only one direct path from Stadium to Scio Church road.

The utilization of Orangeburg underground pipe leading from the home to the street saved on the cost of the home but because of its paper mache-like consistency that collapses over time and improper installation (specs called for it to be encased in concrete and it wasn't), it deteriorates over time and will eventually need to be replaced, if it hasn't already. Prospective home buyers should inquire whether the Orangeburg has been replaced. If there is uncertainty, a respectable contractor can tell by scoping the sewer. Do be careful who you choose as there have been scams around this. The City of Ann Arbor does keep track of who has pulled permits for sewerline replacement, so this is another way to check.

Phase two of the Airey development was the Landsdowne Subdivision, just across Scio Church Road. A spring-fed pond was dredged and a new small lake became the center piece for these upper priced, large homes. The Airey signature wide streets were included in the plat.