Get Curious with Safety Girl is an adult boutique at 119 E Liberty St, in the basement level of Bongz and Thongz. It is run by Tanya Brown, who had previously run a late 1990s live call-in and variety television program of the same name that was produced in-house at the Community Television Network. That show featured Tanya Brown as Safety Girl, who promoted safe sex. Jim Rees was musical director.


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Nestled in the basement below Bongz & Thongz, the new adult boutique Get Curious with Safety Girl recently opened its doors to students looking to explore their intimate desires.



The boutique, which provides everything from costumes and lingerie to toys and safe sex products, opened at 119 E. Liberty St. in April to customers 18 years old and older. Though the store opened months ago, it’s now working to promote its services to students, starting with a grand opening costume party this Saturday.

​Page 12: Pinked-up Ypsi Girl shows her conser vative side By James David Dickson Tayna Brown is a cult hero to viewers of Ann Arbor’s public access network. In the early-to-mid 90s she was “Safety Girl” – blonde, long of leg, big on personality. In 2009, more than a decade after her controversial, local sex-in-the-city “ish”, alter ego left the local airwaves, Brown re-emerged as the “Ypsi Girl,” a pink-wigged socialite who overturns the gems in Ypsilanti for her Ann Arbor viewership.

Nearly a decade after Brown's no-holds-barred public access sex education program "Getting Curious With Safety Girl," left the local airwaves, she has recast herself as "Ypsi Girl", a pink-wig-and-black-tutu-wearing woman about town determined to change the perception of Ypsilanti, one CTN viewer at a time.

"I hope I don’t make you uncomfortable or anything," she says with uncharacteristic modesty. I look up from my notebook, and she’s topless, struggling to put on a corset. "I’ll just keep asking questions," I say.


The Safety Girl producer is now putting together a set of compilation shows of just the musical segments and dancing. The first episode features Jo Serrapere, the Ghettobillies, Starlight Drifters, Summers Delaney & Sharp, and the Imperial Swing Orchestra.