Frank P. Glazier, son of George P. Glazier, started the Glazier Stove Works in 1891 in Chelsea and manufactured oil heating and cooking stoves.



Shortly after the construction of these three iconic buildings, the Glazier Stove Company went bankrupt amidst a political and financial scandal involving Frank P. Glazier. Following the failure of the Glazier Stove Company many other businesses occupied the site and manufactured a variety of products including Flanders Manufacturing (motorcycles)(pictured below), Lewis Spring & Axle (Hollier Eight automobiles) (pictured below), Grant & Wood Manufacturing Company (Liberty airplane engines), Chelsea Foundry & Machine Company, Peninsular Furnace Company, Federal Screw Works (screws and machined parts), Rockwell-Standard Corporation – Spring Division (mechanical springs, wire forms, clips, small stampings, seat recliners, roof bows; and parts for automobiles, trucks, agricultural equipment, and appliances), Central Fiber Products (paper fleece twine, kraft and tissue cord, paper covered wire, paper filler and trimsticks for the automobile industry), Outdoor Fiber Products (The Paradome portable folding camping cabin), Chelsea Industries, Inc. (welded car seat assemblies using hydraulic machinery), and the Real Ale Company (beer).