This development project, proposed in 2005 by Freed and Associates for the west side of Glen Avenue between Ann Street and Catherine Street, was rejected by the Ann Arbor Historic District Commission, spurring a lawsuit by the developers. In 2007, a settlement was ordered by the court which would allow the development to move forward - as of October or 2007, however, the details of the settlement had not been arrived at. As proposed, the project would replace a decrepit gas station, two rental houses, a small surface parking lot, and a small commercial building housing a Papa Johns with a 10 story building featuring condo lofts, ground-floor commercial space, and underground parking.

The project was opposed by the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood association, which it would be on the edge of, as encroaching on--and looming over--the residential neighborhood. Supporters of the project felt it would help improve Glen for pedestrians, as well as serve as a buffer between the medical campus and the neighborhood.

As of late 2012, the site remained vacant, with over $88,000 in unpaid property taxes due on the site and no indication from Freed of their plans. 


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