1999 Assessor's photo of Great Harvest Bread company

Whole grain bakery at 2220 South Main Street.

Locally-owned/franchised, but, according to the Northville bakery, all of the grain is sourced in Montana, where the first Great Harvest bakery was.

There's a small lunch menu with sandwiches on their bread.

Website: http://www.greatharvestaa.com/

Great Harvest Bread 2220 South Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103 734.996.8890

In the news

Dan and Janene Centurione have a foot in two worlds: They are part of a national chain with 250 stores stretching from California to Connecticut. But the Ann Arbor couple have made their own mark on their Great Harvest Bread Company store: They have created 80 percent of their bread and cookies recipes, buy all but their wheat from local sources, live just minutes from their Woodland Plaza store and have strong ties to the community.