Grex is a computer conferencing system. It is provided to the public by Cyberspace Communications, a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation.



Grex came on line on June 26, 1991 and opened to the public on July 18. It ran on a Sun 2 computer contibuted by Mike Bernson. It had four public dial-in lines, and was housed rent-free in a warehouse belonging to Ken Ascher. A non-profit corporation called Cyberspace Communications had been formed to run it. Grex was firmly dedicated to open access, pushing the idea further than M-Net had ever taken it. They abandoned the idea of offering extra dial-in lines to paying members, not wanting privileged classes of users on the system, and they lowered the membership fee to less than half of M-Net's. To ensure democratic operation of the system, they wrote bylaws allowing any member to call for a binding referendum on any issue.

Grex has typically run on minimalist hardware supplied by user contributions, with system speed less important than community building.

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