Hatim Elhady was an unsuccessful candidate for the Ann Arbor City Council in the Fourth Ward in the 2009 election, losing to Marcia Higgins in the primary election.


Hatim is the youngest of five siblings, born and raised in the City of Detroit. Politicians such as San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom became his motivation to initially get involved in politics and reach out to the community.

Hatim moved to Ann Arbor in 2004 to attend the University of Michigan. Hatim attends the University of Michigan with an earned Bachelors degree in Economics. He is currently a senior completing his Near Eastern History major.

At the University of Michigan, Hatim acted as chairman of the Minority Affairs Commission in the Michigan Student Assembly and Vice-President of Marketing for the University Activities Center. Hatim also volunteered for the American Friends Service Committee of Ann Arbor.

Hatim worked for the U.S. State Department in Frankfurt, Germany as a political/economics intern. His duties included completing U.S. funded community projects, co-authoring speeches for the pol/econ officer, and authoring weekly briefings regarding the German economy to Washington.

Hatim intends to remain in Ann Arbor.

2009 campaign for city council

Some issues that Hatim has raised for the election include

  • Opposes a city income tax.
  • Opposes the removal of Argo Dam.
  • Supports issuing a monthly newsletter and establishing weekly office hours.
  • Supports the GO Ask Voters Charter amendment.
  • Proposing a Charter amendment to use Instant-Runoff Voting & Non-Partisan (odd years only). This will UNITE student and permanent resident concerns.
  • Improved roads in the 4th ward i.e. Hill & Main st. to Greene st..
  • Transparency of Stadium bridge issue, and accessible data of improved research for residents to easily view and understand.
  • Quick response time for landlords to answer their tenants, especially, emergency calls.
  • Reduced traffic congestion, especially, during football Saturdays.
  • Work more with professors/students.

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