Horatio Blackmore Lewis (May 25, 1864 - February 4, 1905) was born in Dexter to Rev. Albert Crittenden Lewis and Helen Blackmore Cooper Lewis, but grew up in Elk Rapids, Michigan, eventually making a career in iron and timber companies.  Harriet Adelaide Cloyes (?? - 1958) of Farmington, Michigan, earned a degree at Michigan Normal College before accepting a teaching position in the Elk Rapids public schools.  The two were married August 19th, 1889, and had 6 children.

In 1903, the family moved briefly to Ypsilanti before Horatio took a managing position with the Cuba Products Company, which was organized to lumber and export timber in the San Diego Providence of Cuba.  He resigned that post after six months, but died of pneumonia a week after returning to Michigan.  Harriet maintained the family in Ypsilanti, moving in 2005 to the Lewis House on North Huron Street, where she lived until her death at the age of 90.

Second-born daughter Evangeline Lewis inherited the family home at that time, as well as becoming a leader in Ypsilanti's historic preservation efforts.