If you're reading this page, you've likely been directed here because you created an ArborWiki page that sounds suspiciously like a press release for your business, or appears to be a direct cut-and-paste from the company's website. (Non-profits and informal groups often do the same thing, creating an entry that's just a copy of the group's existing promotional text.)

First of all, welcome to ArborWiki, and thanks for contributing! If we didn't already have a page on your company or group, we needed it, and you've started to fill that gap!

Please keep in mind, though, that ArborWiki is intended as a informational resource, rather than a marketing venue. Entries should strive to be factual, and to separate out and clearly label personal opinions, a category which a company's description of itself can often fall into. An entry that reads like an advertisement is likely to be edited away by another user - or, if it's obviously cut-and-pasted, to be removed as "suspected plagiarism".

Most importantly, the people you want to reach can easily recognize self-promotional marketing language, and may be disinclined to believe the (otherwise accurate) page.

If you're creating an ArborWiki page for your group or company, here are some things you can do to ensure a high quality entry:

Include basic information

Enter basic information about your business - address, phone, owner, webpage, hours, and a sentence or two basic description. Further description, details, tidbits from the news, reviews, etc. can then be entered underneath, but the Business Template allows you to get the basics entered very quickly.

Identify cut-and-pastes

If cutting and pasting from your company's website or promotional materials, say so, and blockquote the cut/pasted material.

You can create a blockquote by starting the line with a colon and a space. E.g.

: Genericorp is your #1 stop for pretty much everything!

turns into,

Genericorp is your #1 stop for pretty much everything!

Judicious use of cutting and pasting can be combined with more terse and matter of fact statements:

Genericorp is a Saline-based company that produces a large number of things. As their website states:

Genericorp is your #1 stop for pretty much everything!

Provide links to news articles

This is probably something you don't have to be asked twice to do! If your company or group has been profiled in the news somewhere, provide a link. This helps ArborWiki users see an outside, independent source of information.