Huron Hills is a public golf course near the Huron River.

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The city of Ann Arbor has decided not to proceed with a proposal to privatize management of the city-owned Huron Hills Golf Course. Sumedh Bahl, the city's community services area administrator, sent a letter to Pittsfield Township-based Miles of Golf today, thanking the company for presenting its proposal for Huron Hills three weeks ago. But it's not going to work out, Bahl said.

“Huron Hills site is valuable even if no one is golfing there,” an “Other Voices” column in the News argues. For one thing, it’s been adjacent to the writer’s property for 37 years. And now the city goes and hires an “out-of-state consultant” to decide what should be done with the parcel — a consultant who didn’t even display a photo of the site or “make any mention of the significance of the golf course name. After all, it is the Huron Hills Golf Course which would indicate proximity to the river.”