Ann Arbor is a big town for Hockey, recreational and otherwise. There are two year-round Ice Skating facilities and two seasonal facilities. All offer Hockey leagues and skating classes for varying skill levels, open skating, and rentable ice for parties or practices.


The park in Dexter across from the Dairy Queen is flooded some years to build an ice rink, sponsored in part by the Dexter Lions Club.

Chelsea Arctic Coliseum

In Chelsea, there's the Arctic Coliseum

Ann Arbor Ice Cube

The Cube is a large commercial facility that is home to the USA National Team Development Program (NTDP), a residential high-level hockey program for extremely talented high school hockey players from around the country. It's also home to several figure skating programs, Huron and Pioneer hockey teams, the EMU Hockey Club, the Hockettes synchronized skating team, and many house and travel leagues. The Cube has three rinks:

  • Varsity
    • NHL size with very limited seating
    • Used for open skating, practices, and house league games
  • Stadium
    • NHL size with extensive stadium seating
    • Used for High School, Travel League, & NTDP games
  • Olympic
    • Olympic size with extensive stadium seating
    • Used for house league games and figure skating events

You can check their Public Skating schedule or check available ice for sale at . Rates range from $191 to $290 per hour depending on demand. The Cube is a great place for open skating, but the Hockey culture there is very, very serious. However, they have two nice party rooms that are available and you can bring your own food, so it's a good place for a birthday party.

Veteran's Park Ice Rink

The City of Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation department operates an Indoor NHL-size Ice Rink at Veteran's Memorial Park from September to May. Vet's is home to City leagues, including great leagues for kids and adults. Vet's runs Master's Leagues, where many of Ann Arbor's grizzled hockey veterans play, and Never-Ever Leagues, which are a great way for an Adult to get started playing hockey. It's also the home of MACRHL (Michelle and Camille's Recreational Hockey League, pronounced 'Mackerel') a fantastic, low-impact hockey league for beginning adult women. Vet's offers open skating, beginning skating classes, drop-in hockey, and sticks and pucks time (basically an open skate with sticks and pucks allowed) as well as rentable ice. They have a page that lists available ice for sale, but it is poorly updated and it's better to just call. Rates are around $200/hour. They have a party room and you can bring your own food.

Buhr Park Ice Rink

The City of Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation also operates an outdoor, covered ice rink at Buhr Park from November through March. They offer Public Skate, Drop-in hockey, and sticks and pucks. Because the rink is outdoor, it is the cheapest ice in the city to rent; as low as $110/hour depending on demand. They also do a pretty good job of keeping the availability posted online on the buhr page on the city website, although the format is a little hard to follow. Buhr has a nice little lobby with tables that is a great place for a low-key birthday party. You can bring your own food.

Yost Arena

Yost has open skate weekdays during the noon hour, Thursday evenings, and weekend afternoons.

Downtown Ann Arbor

A group of citizens, led by Alan Haber, have made proposals in 2012-2013 for an artificial ice rink to be placed in the Library Lane parking lot.