Intrepidus, circa 1939.
  • Michigan Alumnus, v. 95 - 1988, p. 19

We fed the wolverine various scrap meats and learned that he liked such tidbits as stale donuts, bread, and milk.

Next up on eBay Watch, we’ve an excellent wire photo of a live mascot wolverine. The auction description says it dates to October 13, 1939 and was retrieved from the archives of Sport Magazine.

In 1937, the Chevrolet Motor Company donated a wolverine (as well as the cage to keep it in) to the University of Michigan. A contest was held to name the new mascot and "Intrepidus" was the winning entry. It is unclear how long Intrepidus survived, but it is known that no live wolverines have been in Michigan Stadium in the last half-century.