Runs between East Stadium Boulevard and Packard Street. A residential block known for its majestic speed bumps. Its block party is generally held the second Sunday in September.

Iroquois Place was developed by the Frisinger Land Company, and was part of the second subdivision of the Frisinger development.  It is comprised of a plot of land, located betweeen Stadium boulevard, and, to the south, what was the University of Michigan Botannical Gardens

There has been a few bits of excitement on Iroquois over the years, from an escaped convict hiding in the sewer system under Iroquois Street, which prompted an underground manhunt, to a . . . 

In the news

Speed bumps on Iroquois being restored to their former majesty.- observed by bibliophagist on July 9, 2009

Iroquois, City of Ann Arbor Assessor