The J-Hop was an annual formal dance sponsored by the junior class of the University of Michigan. It started from the "Society Hop" of the 1870s and grew to be a major campus event of the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s. It ended in 1962.

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The dance was called J-Hop for the sponsoring class, the juniors. By 1913 it had evolved into a Thursday-through-Sunday extravaganza of concerts, parties, and sleigh rides, all crowned by the big event on Saturday night, when couples danced until midnight. Home-town sweethearts were brought in by rail from across the state and sometimes far beyond, with much celebration of the "imports" who had traveled the farthest to attend.

This clip ends with brief footage of the 1926 J-HOP, one of the major social events on campus, held in the Waterman Gymnasium.