James Inglis, a successful Detroit industrialist, owned the American Blower Company. In 1901 his sister Kate and her husband Frank Smith, had purchased a farm in the "country" near Ann arbor in order to live a simpler life. Kate's niece, Carol Inglis Spicer, remembered her aunt's grapevines strung along Geddes Street as well as the farm's apples and pears and chickens. The farm house still stands at 2105 Geddes.

James Inglis was born in Detroit, Michigan, on August 15, 1864 as one of seven children of Richard and Agnes (Lambie) Inglis, both Scottish born and raised. His father, a highly respected Detroit physician, died when James was ten. Inglis’s brother David, who was 25 and had completed his medical education at the time of his father’s death, carried on his father’s practice. Agnes Inglis kept the family together until her death on July 4, 1899. After his mother’s death, James and his brother Will lived together for three years until they each married.

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