Jennifer Hackett is manager of the St. Vincent de Paul store.


What I want people to know is that we are the little thrift store at the bottom of the bridge, that we sort of get forgotten, because Thrift Store Row is up there. But if you're doing the circuit, you know, you've been to six or seven stores, and then you say, Oh, that little St. Vincent's on the other side of the bridge, well, we won't go over there today--well, we need those people to come over here and to spend $1.50 or $15 or $25, so that the guy who is walking around in the wintertime with no socks on his feet, and holes in the soles of his shoes, that I can give him a pair of boots. Because it doesn't work like that everywhere. A guy can walk in here in the middle of winter in my store and say, I'm cold, and he walks out warm. And that doesn't happen everywhere. And we do it, because we are called to do it. And it's for the right thing.

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Jennifer Hackett, manager of the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Lower Town, said that while the mission of St. Vincent de Paul is giving to the needy, the store also relies on paying customers. St. Vincent not only runs the store on Broadway, but also keeps an aid office in St. Thomas Church on Elizabeth Street.