The John Leidy Shop (1951 - February 2010) was one storefront in the Michigan Theater building on Liberty Street. It bore the name of John Leidy who owned the shop for many decades. Among a large selection of odd collectibles, Leidy carried high-quality dishes, flatware, crystal, and glassware, and was a good (and enthusiastic) place to set up a wedding registry.

The store formerly occupied two storefronts -- one on each side of the Michigan Theater's entrance -- but it shrank in spring 2006. As of 2007, it was run by his daughter Liz Leidy Arsenault. The store closed in February 2010 and was replaced by Pink Pump.

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John Leidy’s will join the ranks of Marty’s Men’s Fashion Clothing, Jacobson’s, Mast’s Shoes campus store, Wagoner’s, Bay’s Jewelry in Nickels Arcade, Crown House of Gifts and the Hallmark Store. And you can’t walk through the area without missing Drake’s Sandwich Shop, famous for its Martian Room, penny candy and a soda fountain where you could get a fresh limeade to slack your thirst.