Scholl (1869-1952) appears to have been an early 20th c. Burns Park poet. The 1917 Polk's Directory of Ann Arbor[1] lists his profession as an assistant professor at the University of Michigan.

His works include The Light-Bearer of Liberty (Boston: Eastern Publishing Co., 1899), Social Tragedies (Boston: Eastern Publishing Co., 1900), Children of the Sun (Ann Arbor: Arts and Letters, 1916) and The Rose Jar (Ann Arbor: Bijou Books, 1936).

His collection The Rose Jar includes the poem "Canoeing on the Huron River," a piece with some local topographical reference:

Dip the oar and glide away--
The Huron is a quiet lass--
Out of the narrows into the bay,
The ripples spreading as we pass. . . .

The address given for both Arts and Letters and Bijou Books is 917 Forest Ave., Ann Arbor. See World Cat. [2]