"She was born with the gift of cooking and the sense that world was...tasty?"

Food, cooking, and local restaurant review blog written by Lisa Leutheuser.

http://www.kitchenchick.com (dead link)


Lisa also writes a food and restaurant review column for Current Magazine, with her husband Joe Saul.

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Hold the ketchup – the foodie nation has risen! With the Food Network's 66 shows devoted to the pleasures of the palate and Technorati's website listing of over 23,000 food blogs, no one is immune to kitchen sprawl. That includes Ann Arbor's own edibles extraordinaire, Lisa Leutheuser, the Kitchen Chick, whose savory blog is laden with inventive recipes, travel and tasting notes, and musings on an array of delights from Middle Eastern Burghul Mufalfal to Dan Dan noodles from the Sichuan province of China.