Desserts, martinis, cocktails, and cigars, as well as a few more substantial appetizers, served in comfortable surroundings. Located on Main Street between Liberty and William.

Part of the Mainstreet Ventures operation, as are many of the restaurants on that block of Main. Supplies the desserts for all of the other Mainstreet Ventures restaurants, and the waitstaff at them will be happy to make dessert reservations for you here if you prefer.

322 S Main St, Ann Arbor, 48104 - (734) 669-8826


we came here to have a drink in the swanky basement. we were greeted at the door by their legions of front/back waiters, hostesses, bartenders, and bus people. this place is really friendly from the get. the basement looks like a rich grandpa place... leather couches and cigars and heavy coffee tables. i expected hef to emerge in a smoking jacket at any minute. (4 stars)