Leslie Morris  (b. 1939) served as a Democrat on the Ann Arbor City Council representing Ward 2 from April 1977 to April 1983.

40-year Ann Arbor resident. Lifelong Democrat. Represented Ann Arbor Second Ward 1977-1983. Former Park Advisory Commission Member. Member Downtown Plan Committee, 1986-88. Transit user.

Leslie Morris attended caucus and reflected on her service on the Ann Arbor city council from the mid-’70s through the early ’80’s and subsequently on the city’s park advisory commission. She told councilmembers that she was there to talk about golf, though she had never been a golfer. She recalled how a park open space plan from 1966, in its first sentence, had identified a new golf course as the city’s greatest park need. She noted that there was no supporting material or data in the plan for that statement. She attributed it to the fact that the Leslie family was interested in selling the land to the city that is now the Leslie Golf Course – on “very favorable terms” to the city, she said.