A list of tech companies in downtown Ann Arbor.

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Here you go:

  • Barracuda Networks, specializing in providing security, networking and storage products based on network appliances and cloud-based services.
  • Blue Newt Software, graphics software
  • Dataspace, business intelligence and data warehousing consulting 
  • Criteo, ecommerce digital advertising platform used by largest brands and retailers across the world (Big Data, Machine Learning)
  • Duo Security, cloud-based trusted access provider, protecting the world’s fastest-growing companies and thousands of organizations worldwide. 
  • Expedia, Inc., mobile app development for travel
  • Google
  • HealthMedia, a division of Johnson and Johnson (No longer there 2017)
  • Criteo, A Leader and Innovator in Ecommerce Performance Marketing Solutions.
  • Keystone Media, eMarketing, web design and development
  • The Linux Box, consulting, development, and training with an open source emphasis
  • Northtech Systems, IT services: LAN administration, internet strategies
  • Pure Visibility, search engine marketing
  • Sagient, web strategy, design, development, and management
  • SRT Solutions, software consulting, mentoring, and development
  • Switchback, open source web tech: Drupal, CiviCRM - design, development, and consulting