“Each year now gave them some new accessions. Timothy Hunt, who located on section 26 in the spring of 1828, where he spent nearly the whole of the remainder of his life, was the last to purchase Government land in the eastern part of the township. In the first three years it had nearly all been occupied. The western part was occupied between the years 1830 and 1835. The spring of 1827 found the settlement firmly established and prosperous. They now began to look beyond the necessities of mere physical existence, and formed institutions which would give them some of the privileges and conveniences which they had left behind them. A postoffice was established and named Lodi, with Orrin Howe, Postmaster. This name adhered to the soil. It has ever since been known as Lodi Plains. The first school was taught this season by Miss Polly Stratton, in a house built by Allen Williams.