MForward was a political party for student government at the University of Michigan from 2010-12. The party was created during the run-up to 2010 March elections when Chris Armstrong ran with MForward and won the presidency of the Michigan Student Assembly (now the Central Student Government). The following year, DeAndree Watson won the presidency with MForward. Aditya Sathi ran for the presidency with MForward in March 2012, but lost. Sathi's defeat came after clinching victory at MForward's nomination convention wherein he beat out four other candidates: Kevin Mersol-Barg, Shreya Singh, Omar Hashwi and Crissie Zuchora.

Of the four people who lost the MForward nomination, two ran for the presidency and one ran for the vice presidency. Singh and Mersol-Barg formed new parties and ran for president. Singh formed youMICH and Mersol-barg formed OurMichigan. While both Mersol-Barg and Singh lost the presidential election, their parties won seats on the CSG Assembly. Hashwi ran for vice president with Manish Parikh. They ran as independents and won. Zuchora ran with MForward for an Engineering representative position in the assembly. She lost, but was later appointed that fall to an Engineering representative position when a seat became vacant.

MForward did not run any candidates in the November 2012 election.

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