Maple Shoppes is a development at the corner of Maple and Dexter in Ann Arbor. Aldi occupies a building on the site, and there is a 2016 proposal to build a second building on the site.

Timeline: Maple Shoppes

August 3, 2016. Ann Arbor City Planning Commission: Maple Shoppes Building 2 Planned Project Site Plan for Council Approval - A proposal to develop a 7,750-square foot retail building at the northeast corner of North Maple Road and Dexter Avenue, the second building of the Maple Shoppes retail center. Planned project modifications are requested to reduce the required front setback on Dexter Avenue to 8 feet (normally 10 feet minimum). All other required improvements - such as parking, storm water management, are already in place. Proposed Building 2 on outlot is 0.8 acre; the entire retail center site is 2.6 acres and zoned C3 (Fringe Commercial). (Ward 5) Staff Recommendation: Approval.