Mark Lyons is general manager of Republic Parking. He succeeded Tony Bisesi in this position.

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Describing the performance of Mark Lyons, general manager of Republic Parking, Hewitt said that he was the best operator the DDA had had since Hewitt had been on the board. Within the first year, Lyons had overseen the installation of the new electronic parking meters and that had been implemented “without a hitch,” Hewitt said. He said he would have awarded the entire $50,000 but that staff was recommending $45,000.

At the mention of brochures, Mark Lyons, general manager of Republic Parking, suggested that they could be handed to drivers by booth attendants at structures and lots. Lyons, newly arrived in town (two weeks), succeeds Tony Bisesi. Lyons is a native Floridian, but he’s lived in Saline, Mich. previously.