The Martha Washington Theater in Ypsilanti was built in 1915. It now hosts the Deja Vu strip club.

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“We would go to the Martha Washington for Disney movies like 'Pinocchio,' 'Bambie.' The Martha Washington was a family theater in those days and only showed kids shows and 50’s and 60’s Hollywood classics.” Dave recalls also going to the drive-in on Washtenaw called the Ypsi-Ann. “The Willow was over by the airport in Willow Run. My favorite movies were westerns and the Disney movies at that time.

"The Martha Washington Theatre was built in 1915 for Florence Wilson Singer. In a style befitting its name, the theatre was designed in a Colonial-Revival style, and sat between 1,000 and 1,700.

"About 1920, the theatre was sold to Butterfield Theatres, which continued to operate the theatre until 1971. That year, the theatre’s new owners twinned the auditorium, and began screening adult fare under the name Art 1 & 2. The theater was still operating as an adult film house into the early-1990’s, when it finally closed."