McKinley White Arch Storm Culverts  were constructed a century ago and became functionally obsolete when storm sewers were later constructed under those streets. At several locations along the culvert, the top of the existing culvert also serves as a sidewalk. Additionally, deteriorated sidewalk sections over the culverts are in need of repair, which is challenging and expensive without first abandoning the culverts.

McKinley White Arch Storm Culvert: Timeline

  • 05-18-2015 The McKinley White Arch Storm Culvert appears on the May 18, 2015 agenda of the Ann Arbor City Council in the context of a construction contract with Evergreen Civil, LLC in the amount of $327,231. The project will remove the old sidewalks, fill in the culverts, and pave new sidewalks over the abandoned culvert. Also included in this project is the replacement of some storm sewer pipe, driveway approaches, curb and gutter, and other related work. According to the staff memo accompanying the Council's resolution, the project to abandon the existing storm culvert is part of the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), was estimated to cost $500,000 and is funded from the Stormwater Fund. Four  bids were received in response to the City's invitation to bid (ITB-4353), and were publicly opened on Monday, April 6, 2015. The low bid was submitted by Evergreen Civil, LLC in the amount of $327,231.00, which is approximately 3% less than the Engineer's Estimate.