Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) is a hub for Delta Airlines.


A detailed history can be found on Metro Airport's entry on the Downriver Wiki.

Transportation to the Airport

Until the fall of 2007, no good public transportation traveled to DTW. Attempts by AATA over the years to run service to the airport were thwarted by demands for exorbitant per-passenger and per-run fees by the airport, meaning that the only transit access was a single SMART line serving some airport employees. Cynics theorized that kickbacks from the taxi and rental car companies provided the airport authority with an incentive to block public transit.

However, beginning in September 2007, the Michigan Flyer bus service began serving Ann Arbor. AATA partnered with the Flyer, which was already shuttling passengers from East Lansing and Jackson to DTW, to provide a stop in Ann Arbor, and the airport's previous resistance was somehow overcome. The Flyer appears to provide a quite usable schedule and pricing ($10 one-way, compared to the typical $27 and up for car service), and early reports suggest that it is a pleasant service to use.

As of August 2010, Bill's Van Service, LLC has been providing reliable and reasonably priced, 24/7 door-to-door airport transportation service, 1 - 6 passengers from Ann Arbor to Detroit Metro Airport, for a $39 FLAT RATE.

A series of promised high speed connections to the airport, planned around use of the rail lines, have been discussed but not funded.