Energy producer in Milan that coverts restaurant grease and other waste oils into biodiesel.

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A dispute emerged between what the company called a disgruntled former employee, Gary Zack, who has alleged numerous safety concerns at the plant and alleges that repayment of investments have not been received. Local safety officials said, after investigation, that they could not verify any serious safety issues but Zack said they missed numerous violations. Zack offered to meet John Bolz “to ‘bury the hatchet’ work out a business resolution, and strategize.”

What a pleasure meeting these guys. John Bolz, Gary Graves and Chris Moellers (representing investor, Cretwood Energy) were there too. Mayor Kym Muckler spent the morning with us, asking questions (her habits learned as a reporter at the News-Leader kicked in) and giving them props for bringing good, clean business to Milan.

Karpiuk said the process involves more than a dozen tempered steps from the time a collection truck unloads a few thousand pounds of restaurant grease into two 20,000-gallon tanks until the biodiesel fuel filters for a final time into one of the holding tanks.