Molly Mast is an Ann Arbor artist and one of the organizers of the Shadow Art Fair in Ypsilanti.

She is also a third generation member of the Mast family that owns Mast Shoes, and is a certified pedorthist from the Eneslow Pedorthic Institute in New York City.

In the news

Furthering the store’s reputation in the healthcare community, Molly became a certified pedorthist through intensive training at the Eneslow Pedorthic Institute in New York last year. That training makes Mast Shoes Ann Arbor’s only shoe store with a board-certified pedorthist on staff. “A pedorthist is to a foot doctor what a pharmacist is to other doctors,” Molly explained. We take a doctor’s ‘prescription’—guidelines regarding what kind of footwear a client needs—and we fill it by finding the appropriate and best-fitting shoe, or modifying the closest match.”