Morris "Morrie" Dalitz (Sept 23  1910 – July 25, 2000) did deliveries for the Varsity Laundry, which was owned by his father Nate Dalitz and uncle Barney Dalitz.

As a young man, Daiitz began working full-time at the laundry, starting with two years as a jumper on the linen supply trucks. Often there would be five or six stops on a block. While the driver sat in the truck, Dalitz would run in with the delivery. To speed things up, he took the door off the old Dodge truck, leaping out at each stop, without touching the running board. (He shakes his head, remembering that after a day of jumping in and out, he still had the energy to play softball.) Later, his father put him in the plant, where he learned all aspects of the laundry business; he could repair any machine, figure out the chemistry, or work as a salesman.


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