Welcome to the World of Nakamura! Nak is named after John Nakamura, an ICC co-oper and Japanese-American who gave his life for his country in World War II. In the early days of the ICC, Nakamura had the largest population of co-opers, including both residents and non-resident boarders. This created a strong community and a powerful influence within the ICC. To this day, the Nak has had more members become ICC President than any other co-op. Nakamara has always been a happening place, photos from the 1950s indicate that Nak members made the most of their prime view. Throughout the years, Nak has had many famous and infamous members. Theodore Kaczynski (the man who later became "The Unabomber") lived next door at the now defunct Kagawa Apartments and boarded at Nak. Ted was a stellar math student while at Michigan, you can even see his name on an award plaque that is dispayed in East Hall.